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HOMES by Clyde

Returning to Dome of Doom for his sophomore album, U.K. based artist CLYDE will release Homes on November 16th on cassette and across all major digital platforms. Homes was put together over the last three years in a small village town in the county of Norfolk. The music is flowing with gritty drums, soulful sample loops, exotic textures, and an overall aesthetic that follows in the footsteps of Madlib, Samiyam, and J Dilla.

Homes is an important window into CLYDE's artistic process, and his love for the Roland SP-404SX, a major tools in all his latest creations. Producing music at a prolific pace since the first sessions began in 2015, a large body of songs were ultimately dwindled down to 24 tracks, bursting with a graceful force and the kind of magnetic flair that's rare among this generation of beat makers. The sole feature is from Norfolk based MC Luke Foster, jumping on the experimental and hard-hitting tapestry of "Vol 40". Luke Foster is a unique and perfect fit, bridging the heavy influence of Los Angeles music that inspires so much of CLYDE's output back to their foundations in the United Kingdom.

Music isn't his only source of sonic re-modification, finding the reference of his name CLYDE in two films that are 30 years apart: F. Gray Gray's 2009 crime drama Law Abiding Citizen and the Clint Eastwood late '70s flick Every Which Way But Loose. Selections of story like samples are chopped into the beats lending a narrative element to all of CLYDES's albums. While other pieces stand alone with slight retooling, they all collect as one submerging essence of sound and form. Every track is given a new sense of life from these types of unique samples. Homes is 21st-century instrumental hip-hop that is unfiltered, raw and honest.

Album Credits:

All songs produced and mixed by CLYDE

Mastered by Wylie Cable at Dome of Doom HQ

Album artwork by Mitch Pond

Video for "Ur Eyez" by Mitch Pond

Video for "Smile at You" by Mike Manor