CLYDE - "My Brain & Other Animals" Out now on DOMEOFDOOM


living in a rural setting with origins as a metal/jazz drummer with a love for beat music and hip hop derived from streams of west coast vibes leaking over the pond.

Fueled with British senses and a love for anything that nods, i will sample from anything ,tape, cd, dvd, internet, vinyl, radio, real world sounds in an attempt to make a coherent expression in beat form.

Vegan till i die.

----C L Y D E

All songs produced and mixed by CLYDE 

Mastered by Wylie Cable at Dome of Doom HQ 

Album Art by Allison Bagg

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From YoungVegas on working with CLYDE:

Working on the track ‘DRTY’ for Clyde’s album 'My Brain & Other Animals’ was really cool. When he sent over the beat I was instantly impressed with the approach he took in terms of the style of production. What captured first me was the looped melody and when I heard the drums I instantaneously started freestyling to the beat. The first draft of the track was really fun to record as it was recored through the built in mic on my MacBook as I didn’t have my studio equipment with me at the time. I managed to get some cool ideas down which later on I altered for the final version of the song. A lot of people dislike collaborating via the internet when it comes to music and would rather be in a studio situation with the person they collaborating with. I found that being able to just be in my own space and vibe with the beat helped just be myself and trust my own ideas. I’m really honored to be a featured artist on Clyde’s debut album. He’s an incredibly talented producer and working with him is always really cool as we work so well together.

More info on YoungVegas can be found here:

QUESS"My Brain & Other Animals" also features a collaboration with New York based rapper "Quess", self described '18 year old kid from Yonkers aka Gotham City, NY feel me?'